Please note: in the above video I make a distinction between virtual reality and "reality" and I imply that we ourselves are in fact living inside a simulation.

By this I don’t mean that there is an external world outside our universe. Just as our virtual worlds on our computers still exist in our universe, there are no external realities. It is only the nature of what we call reality that is in question.

Ultimately I believe the universe in only energy or light. That is all that exists. Light takes up no space, so there is no "outside" of Light and therefore no outside of the universe. Light itself is eternal because energy cannot be created or destroyed. So the universe is eternal and therefore only exists in TIME.

The only real question is: "Is the Light intelligent and does it have purpose?", the answer to me is yes.

The energy is conscious, it is this energy that inhabits us and animates us, we experience the universe because the Light inside us is consciously aware.

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  1. I love you lol you are my favorite teacher in the universe


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