How can you contribute to the 216 discovery?

I don't take donations or handouts. 

The entire 216 discovery is free on my website

You can help change the world by sharing this discovery with your family and friends. We need to get the world to sit up and take notice. 

If you can afford it and want to help or contribute financially, please buy a physical copy of 
"The 216 Letter Hidden name of God". on Amazon. 

If you already have a copy, buy one for a friend or family member or buy a few and hand them out. Not everyone has time to visit the website. 

Although everything is free online. It is nice to have the physical book in front of you to contemplate it. Maybe you can help by studying the 216 pattern or the 60 digit cipher and see if there is anything else hidden in it. 

Also, if you have purchased a copy of the book on Amazon, please take a moment to fill out the 
customer review.  


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