Are we living inside a computer simulation?

The idea that our reality is simply an image or "construct" of a higher reality dates back to the days of Plato and has always been a popular theory long debated by philosophers, even by those who lived in a time when we did not have the kind of technology and virtually generated worlds we have today.

Ancient religious texts state that we are made in the "IMAGE" of God.

It is a hypothesis that is taken seriously by scientists and entrepreneurs like the late Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, respectively, to name but 2.

The basis of the theory is that the conscious mind converts sense data into the world we see around us. The world only exists if you are there to experience it.

You can contemplate this for yourself. Was there a universe before you were born? Can you remember anything from before you existed? You only started to experience the world after you came into existence.

One question many philosophers and scientists have asked is: "does the world disappear if you are not there to experience it."

For example, if there is a table in a room and you are standing at the door looking at the table, does the table vanish if you close the door and walk away?

I would say no. The data or information is always there. Your mind simply generates the "IMAGE" of the table when your senses gain access to the information. That is why someone else can walk into the room and see the same table. The information is always there. Ancient people experienced the universe before we were born. Others will continue to experience it after we die. 

In other words. The universe is eternal. It is saved as information or data, stored in the light for all eternity. When you become conscious (born - alive) your brain converts the information into the virtual world you see around you.

We become like avatars inside a computer game. Our conscious minds direct and animate our avatars inside the construct. The world or universe is only information stored in the form of light. Light has no mass and takes up no space. It has no size or form. It is eternal. God is the LIGHT of the world. The universe does not physically exist in space. We do not physically exist inside the universe. It is like the car you see in the image above, that car is not real, that world around it is not real.

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